Shut down ryan international school gurugram, because this is not the first murder.

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I have started this petition not only for 7 year old innocent Pradhyuman Thakur who was brutally murdered in ryan international school Gurugram washroom ,and also not only for 6 year old Devansh Kacrora who was found unconscious and afloat in the ryan international school Vasant Kunj, water tank and was later declared dead but its also for all the parents and would be parents. The parents pain of loosing their child is indescribable, only the one who has gone through it can feel it.

The last time also in 2016 when devansh's was found dead in the school water tank the school management had no answer to any of the questions. The cctv camera showed the class teacher leaving the classroom unattended and laughing and chatting with the other teachers outside, in the meanwhile three students including devansh left the classroom , when the teacher was back the two students who had gone out wth devansh informed her that he had not returned but she didnt pay any heed. 

The school management didnt even attend the child's funeral and the end to this was his poor parents running in and out of police stations and courtrooms. Till date justice is denied, and no action has been taken.

And now in 2017 a gruesome murder of seven year old pradhyuman. He was the only son, he was his sister's little brother. An innocent child who wrote a poem for his mother a few days back on mothers day, little did anyone know a family would ruin like this. Seeing her son with a slit on his neck ,drenched with blood all over ,calling this a nightmare for her would also be an understatement. 

The question is WHY? WHY ITS RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL EVERYTIME. This can't be a co-incidence. Yes, people would think that future is unpredictable and if it happened with two children its not gonna happen with everybody but if we come together to sign this petition of shutting down Ryan International School and all its branches at least we can safeguard a few more innocent lives in future. Me being a parent this issue has startled me as my child will also be going to school next year onwards i am extreamly worried about his safety. If we together raise our voices to shut down Ryan International School and all its branches firstly and the most important it would give justice to the parents of devansh whose parents are fighting for the same for the past one year and also to pradhyuman and his family, this will not bring their children back but will definately give them hope that humanity still exists .This punishment would also proove exemplary to other schools where we are sending our children and will serve as a deterrent to the rest of the schools as well So that such transgressions will never be repeated

Thats why,i am starting this petition asking parents ,would be parents and everybody to please sign my petition and lets all of us together speak up and get justice for devansh and pradhyuman. Thankyou.

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