Stop child abuse in Sri Lanka

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A video that depicts a very young girl child being sexually abused by a man has been circulating in the social media channels for more than one and half months now. The child's face is clearly visible and the abuser's voice is clearly heard in the video. Several parties including lawyers and civil society activists have informed and complained about this video to the Sri Lankan President, police, CID, Child Protection Bureau and Women and Children's Affairs Minister. But so far, no action has been taken to investigate this video and bring the perpetrators before the law. The video is still being circulated. Nobody knows who this child, where is she now and what is her current condition. Authorities have not taken any action to assure the child's protection.

In Sri Lanka nearly 10,000 child abuse cases are reported every year. Nobody knows how many cases go without being complained of. Many child abuse cases that involve priests are reported from religious institutions. Young children who have been handed over to the religious institutions being sexually abused by adult priests has become a very common phenomena in Sri Lanka.

As a society we should strongly stand and raise our voice against these sexual harassment and abuses against young children.