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Make Trustees of Charitable Organisations accountable for their actions

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My self introduction: Dr. Manoj A. Kahar Resident of Navsari,Gujarat.  Academic Qualifications -M.B.B.S, M.D.(Pathology), Ph.D.(Pathology),Specialist in Transfusion Science Practice (British Blood Transfusion Society and University of Manchester)

Trustees of Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS), Navsari district branch have terminated me from my Job as Pathologist at their Blood Bank in July 2008 because I fought for the rights of staff members employed there. IRCS, Navsari distric branch was giving salary in 2008 to their staff even below the recommended Minimum Wages and were not giving the benefits of Provident Fund Scheme to any of their employees. 

As i opposed their decisions, i was terminated from my post of Pathologist with immediate effect without any charge sheet, inquiry or giving me an opportunity to defend myself, defying the principles of natural justice and made me a scapegoat. I am fighting litigation in various courts to get me reinstated in my job in step wise manner since last eight years, starting from District Labor Court of Navsari right up to High Court of Gujarat and spent huge amount in getting justice. District Labor court of Navsari ruled in my favor and passed an order in 2013 (after 170 hearings in five years !!!) to reinstate me, however that order was quashed by High court of Gujarat stating that District Labor court of Navsari didn't had the power to adjudicate my case. I am yet to understand how come the Hon. Judge of District Labor court didn't know that he was not having power to adjudicate my case for five years?   I have appealed against this decision of Single Judge of High Court of Gujarat in a Division bench of High Court of Gujarat  which pending for hearing (LPA 1001/16) but don't have any hopes from this appeal.

This lengthy process of fighting against injustice has made me Hypertensive, Diabetic and had to fight out phases of Depression taking help of Antidepressants from a young age of 39 yrs and bearing the brunt of these health problems since last 8 yrs now.

I had the opportunities to move abroad and work there but i firmly believe that as a Medical Professional I should serve my countrymen first. However, because of issues similar to  that i have highlighted in my petition, many individuals with higher academic qualifications leave for better pastures abroad. 

We need to provide conducive and healthy environment in workplaces especially in charitable organisations to prevent brain drain to foreign countries and retain highly qualified people to serve our country.

The decisions of Charitable organisations in our country must be made accountable and supervised by Govt. Authorities and prevent the Managing trustees of such organisations in acting in a totally autonomous way.

I fail to understand that how can an organisation like IRCS with principles to serve the community mistreat their own employees?  primarily charity begins at home...

I have made this petition following the preachings of Lord Krishna said in Bhagwad Geeta:  it is a sin to do injustice, however it is bigger sin not to oppose injustice. 

With this petition, I want to request Hon. President of India (also President of Indian Red Cross Society, National Head Quarters) to intervene in my case and see that Justice prevail and my termination  in 2008 get quashed and I be reinstated in my job as Pathologist  at the earliest possible.

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