Diversify the TCI economy by focusing on education, technology and the arts.

Diversify the TCI economy by focusing on education, technology and the arts.

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Jay Sadler started this petition to Hon. Premier of The TCI and

Tourism is a relatively low paying industry, and income inequality is a growing problem in TCI. Historically, wealth inequality has traditionally been the best predictor of the crime rate, accounting for about 50% of the variance in violent crime rates across different countries. We are currently seeing a surge in violent crime, and compounding the problem of growing poverty and an increasing cost of living, is illegal immigration undercutting the minimum wage, pressuring our police force and making a deteriorating situation in our country, worse. Though we are one of the wealthiest nations in the Caribbean per capita, that wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few, and we have a substandard education system in the country.

The TCITech Initiative aims to tackle all these problems with a transparent strategy to unify the country and give us direction - updating our government processes with decentralized blockchain technology, and economic diversification into technology and the arts using education as the engine to drive the growth. Integrated blockchain technology across different government departments make government services more efficient and accessible, lowers the cost to the government, sets us up as a unique investment opportunity, and puts us at the forefront of technology in the world. Decentralized identity built on blockchain technology, interlinking our immigration, fingerprint, criminal, traffic and identity systems will give our police cutting edge tools to enforce crime, add efficiency, transparency and ease to law enforcement and immigration processes, making it easier to track legal residents and catch illegal immigrants.

Right now, the inefficiency of our government is a bottleneck to our growth, with outdated systems slowing down our decision-making time causing us to lose out on time-sensitive opportunities, limiting our capabilities, and increasing the cost of doing business, all combining to making us an undesirable partner for international expansion from highly efficient private sectors in other countries.

By upgrading the TCI Community College into TCITech University - The TCITech Initiative aims to establish a public-private partnership for the institution to minimize the out of pocket cost to the government and ensure that tuition for qualified TC Islanders is covered by the government. TCITech will ensure we partner with the right universities to introduce exchange programs, gain international exposure in respected academic circles, and become a globally accredited, prestigious institution. TCITech will act as the bridge of communication between our Ministry of Education and the private sector to ensure our curriculums prepare students for upcoming opportunities in technology and the arts and have ample afterschool programs to feed their hungry minds. TCITech will work closely with other Caribbean governments to ensure TCITech University is marketed across the Caribbean, so it becomes the most respected technology and arts education institution here in the Caribbean and we develop a highly-skilled local labor market.

Right now, our government's budget is projected to be over $300M for 2020-2021. The TCITech Initiative calls on the government to donate $700,000 to the nonprofit, The TCITech Initiative. The budget will be made available for the government and voters alike to inspect at the end of the year. A year after funding, the nonprofit will be held publicly accountable for several tangible goals:

- A comprehensive plan to upgrade government services with blockchain technology

- Academic partnerships in place and funding sources for The TCITech University

- Transparent, independent social media to keep the public up to date on the progress, engage the youth, and attract international attention to the project.

Executive Director - Jay Scott Sadler, and Financial Controller - Nick Haywood, and a Director of Technology/Blockchain Developer (to be hired upon funding) will serve as the Board of Directors, and the Advisory Board will include:

• E. Jay Saunders (Domus Semo Sanucs)

• Dr. Carlton Mills (The Mills Institute)

• Carlos Simons (Miller Simons O’Sullivan)

• Stan Hartling (The Hartling Group)

• Carl Simmons (Tropical Shipping)

• Dawna Henderson (henderson bas kohn)

• Sandy Lightbourne (Belize Bank)

• Cutella Talbot (Public Figure)

We the undersigned, residents and TC Islanders, hereby request that you attend a mutually coordinated townhall about The TCITech Initiative that briefly explains what it is and how it will help the country to attendees, and then engage in dialogue about including funding the initiative - $700k - in your next yearly budget, with renewal of funds dependent on the progress made towards the agreed measurable and realistic goals.

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