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At the moment when a dingo makes an attack on a human they're killed and categorised as 'habituated' this is unfair and they should not suffer from unawareness and stupidity of human behaviour.

Fraser Island is a World Heritage National park that opens its doors to millions of tourists, locals and travellers yearly. It is known for its beautiful lakes, beaches, scenery and most importantly the amazing dingo. Fraser Island dingoes are said to be the world’s purest strand of dingo and are protected as a native animal. They have their own genetic markers.  

Fraser Island Dingoes are starving!  We should be ashamed how this has been managed or rather 'mis-managed'.  This is UNACCEPTABLE! 

Dingoes are very clever animals, however they are wild animals and need to be seen as this, not just as dogs. They have been identified as their own species.  The dingoes on Fraser Island are usually portrayed in the media as killers and attackers that have no remorse for humans, although this is far from the truth. Fraser Island's Dingo Management is something that needs to be looked at closely as this national icon is slowly dying away.  We need to act now!

By signing this petition you are helping to save the Fraser Island dingoes from their death, and further extinction.  We demand Tony Abbott take action in protecting the Fraser Island Dingo for the future. 

Many people have been fighting for many years and on many fronts to change Government Policy and educate the public regarding the mismanagement of Fraser Island and the systematic extermination of this iconic and significant animal.  Further information can be found

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