Hon. PM of India, inquire into the colossal fall in Stock market in October 2018.

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Sir, please direct an appropriate agency (SEBI, CBI, Enforcement directorate, SFIO, RBI) as the government may deem fit to inquire:

1. As to how come a colossal fall in Stock market in October 2018 was so accurately hinted by Shri Madhav Nalapat in his article “Cabal plans October meltdown in share prices to rout BJP” written in Sunday Guardian way back in February 2018. The article is available at:


 2. What was the source of his information?

3. What caused a fall in market?

4. Whether the fall was due to pure market forces or it was manufactured as hinted in the article?

5. Various other issues and questions relating to or arising out of this article and the fall in the market.

This is necessary not only because common investors have lost their hard earned money and are therefore annoyed and agitated but because their faith and confidence in robust stock market system is shaken given the wild oscillations and ability of few to tame the market as per their wishes if the hint given by the author is true.     

The article essentially says and details that a prominent politician, who was a minister during the Manmohan Singh government, is behind a move by as much as 31 brokerages and international and domestic financial agencies to secretly engineer a meltdown in stock market prices such that market indices lose around half their 2 February level by 1 October 2018. They are working in tandem with a few officials in key ministries, who have lately renewed or expanded their contact with the politician in question in the expectation that he will return to a top position in a future government, should the BJP go the A.B. Vajpayee way next year and fail to get re-elected.

The article concludes by saying” Should the former minister be given an assurance by his party that he will be pitchforked into high office after the polls, the BJP may be in for an electoral ride made impossibly rough by the newly formed “October Meltdown” cabal using its deep pockets to engineer a steep and steady fall in share prices during the period preceding the Lok Sabha elections”