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Plea,Bring Justice for our family from the ministrial intervention after 10years paid tax

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Noble Park man and sick wife told they will be deported to Sri Lanka within weeks

"A DEVASTATED father fighting for permanent residency in Australia has been told he and his wife will be deported within weeks."  Herald Sun 02/10/17

My name is Ranasinghe Arachchige Eranda Iresh and I am writing to you out of deep despair to ask that your assistance to my family’s appeal to be granted permanent residency status. I have exhausted all available options to me, from appeals to the Department through to the Minister of Immigration and Border Protection.

My story is a unique one that will demonstrate the great lengths that I took, financially and emotionally to reach out to the Minister, only to be rejected without valid reason more than nine months following my request for intervention. The impact on my family has been far-reaching, with my wife currently receiving mental health treatment as an inpatient while I take on the role of full time, primary carer to our 15 month old son. My story recently featured in the Dandenong Star, Leader Greater Dandenong and Herald Sun. which raised local awareness of the difficulties I faced and also brought to the surface others with similar challenges and who were too afraid bring it to light.

I am confronting the challenges associated with the IELTS, family, social and emotional impacts this system has on individuals like myself that have contributed so much to the Australian community and economy, only to be let down by the smallest score difference.

Please take the time to read my story, and within it you will find that it is one that needs to be told, not only to the local community in Dandenong, Victoria but to a state national and worldwide audience.

I arrived in Australia in January 2007 as a student, with hopes and dreams of becoming a qualified Hospitality professional and reside permanently in a country that I know has offered so many great opportunities to those that genuinely want to be part of the community. Like so many others I was seeking a better lifestyle, one that values equality, financial and personal freedom and work/life balance. I went on to complete a Diploma of Hospitality Management, with outstanding results, gained one year professional experience where I obtained a Temporary Resident visa, and qualified permanent residency. Since then, I worked full time as a Shift Manager in Hospitality industry. I initially commenced as a low level, and with my drive and commitment to deliver excellence in customer service I was promoted to different roles. My position is currently on hold while I have full time carer responsibilities for our young son.

Whilst working full time, I committed to studying English in order to pass the IELTS and progress my application for permanent residency. Unfortunately after 22 attempts, I was unsuccessful in obtaining a score of 6 in all components, and only failed time and time again by 0.5 points in reading. All other results were of the accepted standard. I undertook intensive reading training to prepare me for the test, albeit without success. In order to understand the reason for my failure, I obtained a referral to see Doctor Georgia Lawndes BAppSci, BA(Hons), MPsych(ClinNeuro), phD who assessed and diagnosed me with a reading problem, hence the reason for the poor result. This was not deemed to be an acceptable reason for the result by the department.

In December 2013, with the assistance of a Migration Agent I submitted my case to the Migration Review Tribunal for Ministerial intervention which took three years to determine. Unfortunately, in September 2016 my request was rejected. Desperate for a second chance, I acted on the advice of my Migration Agent to attend a Liberal Party Fundraiser Diwali dinner where Mr Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection was to be a guest. I would be able to meet the Minister to discuss my situation. Fortunately, the Minister gave his time to speak with my family, held my son who was five months old at the time and mentioned him during his speech to the delegates. At that moment, I felt that there was at least a slight chance of my case being reviewed. Expressing empathy to our situation, the Minister asked me to re-apply. Knowing that this could possibly be my last chance at gaining permanent residency, I did so in December 2016.

Unfortunately, I had to submit my application without the support of my Migration Agent because I used up the funds required to submit my appeal (up to $11,000). The Minister acknowledged my request on December 2016 and it wasn’t until September 2017 that I received the decision I did not expect. It was rejection, once again and referral back to the Immigration Office in Melbourne. Our life has now taken another turn, and this time it is not likely to end well without any further intervention. The process is challenging, as it is exhausting. However, for my family and especially my son I need to do what it takes to reach a positive outcome.
At the moment, I am dealing with this situation alone. My wife in particular has endured so much heartache which has resulted in severe mental health issues that she is currently being treated for as an inpatient of Monash Health. Her treatment is intensive, and at times it feels like she may never fully recover and be the wife and mother she so desperately wants to be. While, I have the support of my local church community, there have been days where it has been too hard. However, I know that I must go on to give my son the happiest life that he deserves. He is too young to know what we are fighting for and my hope for him is that as he grows older the impact of this situation is not too great on him. I also hope for him to have a proper relationship with his mother. I want us to be a family again, living as permanent residents in this country.
I am contributing member of my local and the Australian Community, having been educated and employed in this country for almost ten years I believe that I have so much to offer. I have a positive and happy family life, a supportive network of friends and leaders within the Sri Lankan and Catholic Church communities. I have never broken the law or disrespected the values of Australia.

My family and I are fast running out of time and are at a critical point of being deported, without good reason. The prospect of returning to a place that does not offer the life opportunities that my son deserves is a daunting one. I have everything that I need here in Australia; my family, my friends and my career. Like many others, I have worked so hard to prove my worth to remain in Australia, and now I am almost left with no choice but to accept the Minister’s decision. Like many others in my situation, I only hope for a positive outcome and with your support I believe that I will be one step closer to it.


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