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To make Booby Cay a national park.

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What is Booby Cay? Booby Cay is a small island just off of the coast of Mayaguana. This natural jewel of the southern Bahamas is home to a rich diversity of plants and animals, including Flamingoes, Brown Pelicans, many species of migrant birds, lizards, and the critically endangered Booby Cay Iguana, which can be found nowhere else in the world.  Booby Cay is also recognized internationally as an IBA (Important Bird Area).


Why is it important to protect Booby Cay? This small island is a part of what makes the Bahamas uniquely ours. Some species found on Booby Cay are found on only a few islands in the Bahamas, making this cay a vital habitat for them. This protection will not only help maintain the biodiversity on the island, but it will also enable the people of Mayaguana to use this area for eco-tourism and other similarly sustainable potential economic opportunities. By protecting Booby Cay, we are protecting a priceless “Bahamian Treasure”


Threats to Booby Cay: Invasive species are a major threat to the health and stability of small islands like Booby Cay. Rats can eat iguana eggs and kill or harm the baby iguanas and nesting birds. Illegal hunting of the rare Booby Cay Iguana and development can also negatively affect this island.  It is also important to protect Booby Cay from new invasive species, which may cause even more harm to the cay’s species. Protecting it now will help to reduce these potential threats.


How can you help? It is crucial that we take a stand to help preserve important Bahamian Treasures like Booby Cay. The BNT is proposing that Booby Cay become a National Park. Sign this petition to tell our Prime Minister that you think so too.

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