Trudeau we need widespread COVID-19 testing in Canada ASAP

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It seems to be policy in Canada that we are accepting the fact that there is community spread of COVID-19 and that the way to deal with it is social isolation or if you are sick, self quarantine at home. With this approach Canada is NOT testing widely.

A four prong approach: 1) social distancing, 2) mass testing,  3) quarantine in  designated facilities and 4) contact tracing has worked in other countries to flatten the curve. 

See data:

The issue with the current approach in Canada is that due to limited testing we do know the numbers of people who have COVID-19 through community spread.  Due to lack of testing people who are sick and do not know it will go out to get essentials or ignore social isolation or quarantine recommendations and pass it on to others. As such, friend groups and family groups self isolating together will pass COVID-19 to each other, creating clusters. Due to lack of testing contact tracing and quarantine can not be done as we do not have a clear picture in Canada of who has COVID-19. We as well will not know who has had it without complications and recovered; a group that could potentially be mobilized in support roles.

Please follow sound data showing that increased testing on a mass scale needs to be mobilize ASAP.