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Improve drug guidelines for 2013. Adopt the reform- All drugs minus two.

A friend of mine recently was just sentenced to 9 years in a federal prison due to a marijuana convction. His mother is working on sending people to FAMILIES AGAINST MANDATORY MINIMUMS (FAMM) to urge the US Sentencing Commission to make drug guidelines reform a priority for this year.

Many individuals suffer harsh sentences for drugs- marijuana particularly.

The Commission has indicated it will not even consider fixing the problem of terribly harsh sentences this year. We need you to change their minds by telling them they must do something to improve the federal drug guidelines.

This proposal by FAMILIES AGAINST MANDATORY MINIMUMS (FAMM) is a good way to start reform, especially since marijuana is categorized right in there with hard drugs. 

Please add in your own personal story of hwo these harsh sentences have affected you. 

Thank you!


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