Stop the tide of plastic - water fountains need to be compulsory in public places

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We want the Government to legislate that all councils are to have public drinking fountains in 50% of playgrounds, parks and sports grounds.

Good access to water in outdoor public places is an important health and environmental issue. But in many towns there are no water fountains in shopping centres and main streets, and often none in playgrounds or sports fields. So to rehydrate people often buy bottled drinks, usually in single use plastic.  These litter our beaches, kill our marine life, are contributing to climate change** and an obesity epidemic, thanks to the sugar in soft drinks.

An adequate supply of water is an essential community service yet councils have neglected to put in drinking fountains where they are needed with as few as 1 in 5 children’s playgrounds having water fountains and less than 1 in 10 parks.*

While many cafes provide free water (see where map) councils need to play their part as they are the ones legally responsible for providing clean drinking water. 

We throw away an estimated 838 million plastic bottles every year in New Zealand the equivalent of 165 Olympic swimming pools.  And we consume up to 6x the recommended daily sugar, thanks to the sugar in soft drinks. With huge environmental and health consequences.       

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Later this year a new Crown entity to regulate water Taumata Arowai will be set up. This will have a range of objectives and functions, including protecting and promoting public health outcomes. Greater provision of public water fountains will help with better public health outcomes.

Hon Nanaia Mahuta – as Minister for Local Govt and Associate Minister for the Environment needs to ensure that legislation is in place so that all councils are to have public drinking fountains in 50% of playgrounds, parks and sports grounds and this is enforced by the Crown entity Taumata Arowai.

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More action you can take - contact the Minister directly - 
And /or Associate Minister of Health: Hon Julie Anne Genter
And /or James Shaw - Minister for Climate Change -  

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• Plastic bottles and caps rank as the third and fourth most collected plastic rubbish items in beach clean ups in more than 100 countries.

• Plastic bottles often end up on our beaches and in oceans, where they break down and are eaten by marine life often killing them.

• 1 in 3 turtles have eaten marine plastic and 90% of seabirds. Plastic is also getting into the fish we eat.

• Production and transportation of plastic bottles produces carbon emissions

• Plastic is predicted to outweigh fish in the ocean by 2050.

• Kiwis consume approximately 73 litres of fizzy drink per person, per year.

• The consumption of sugary drinks is associated with dental caries, weight gain and obesity.

• NZ has the third highest adult obesity rate in the OECD and one in 10 children are obese.