Bring back "Ahmed" of Marsabit home!

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"Thinking Marsabit? Think culture, rock art, a national park filled with a variety of wild animals,...". I got the above lines from the site It doesn't miss a point except the famous elephant named Ahmed. 

Ahmed was accompanied by two armed soldiers throughout his later life and died of natural causes aged 55. Read more at

The great Marsabit County is really waking up to a vibrant change due to the  Great Northern Highway from Nairobi- Isiolo- Marsabit- Moyale- Addis Ababa. 

As the County is gearing towards the celebrated annual Lake Turkana Cultural Festival from May 2018( Its time to bring back home Ahmed's exhibition mounted infront of the Kenya National Museums in Nairobi. 

This is to petition the president of the republic of Kenya H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, ministry of Tourism in conjunction with the Lake Turkana Cultural Festival Committee and County government of Marsabit to bring back the Ahmed's remains to improve the tourism sector in Marsabit.

Let the natives in Marsabit feel and appreciate their endowement.

Let us know the value of our elephants and other wildlife, closer to us than far we protect the remaining endangered Tembos'. 

Please help me petition this to the relevant authorities.