Help Sonja get back her NDIS funding

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Sonja Laleski lives with diagnosed Mental illness (including Bipolar, Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder, Eating Disorder) as well as Physical Disability. Sonja requires the aid of an electric wheelchair for mobility. Sonja previously had been on a plan with the NDIS and was funded for  an Electric wheelchair and was gaining access to Therapy and other networks which assisted her with her health requirements. However, Sonja's health declined (including her gaining weight beyond the capacity of her wheelchair's limit) and she needed an increase in support and health requirements immediately. As a result an early review of Sonja's plan had been requested in an attempt to get more funding for an upgraded wheelchair and increased psychologist, psychiatrist, dietician and other medical appointments.

As a result of this request, Sonja received a letter in the mail from a Peter Atton on the 26th of June of 2017 which stated that Sonja no longer would be eligible for assistance and funding from the NDIS and that her funding would be stopped after the 7th of July 2017. Since this decision, Sonja has had limited support and been disconnected from many of her services and the services that she has managed to get has left her and her partner financially struggling. 

Since Sonja had been cut from her funding she has been unable to be as mobile because her chair is causing physical pain and injury to her legs and thighs. As a result Sonja is currently bed bound for days before she is able to sit in the chair again. Sonja and her family have been financially struggling due to Sonja's needs and dietary requirements. Everything has been paid directly from their own pensions and leaving them unable to afford enough food, fuel, or money to pay bills for the rest of the family. Sonja has been struggling more with her mental health and has been presented to the hospital in regards to suicidal thoughts and deep depression.

If Sonja's NDIS funding is reinstated and she is given the adequate medical support and a new electronic wheelchair so Sonja will be able to access the community again pain free. As a result Sonja would also be more mentally, physically, and financially secure and supported. Sonja's family will also no longer be going without their needs to ensure Sonja has medication. Additionally, funding would ensure Sonja would have the extra psychology, psychiatry,dietary and other medical requirements needed. Funding would also assist Sonja in being able to afford the medication and dietary food she requires for her health.

Please help Sonja to gain the support she needs to to get her NDIS reinstated.

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