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Immigration Red Tape - Sending her back, will cause her lifelong anguish.

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My Name is Cherri Laird/Jaccard
I arrived in Australia on November 09th 2013

My Story
I had left my country with my partner in November of 2013, but I came for very different reasons.

I had no intentions of returning to Canada ever.

In the 45 years I lived in Canada, I was abused violated and stripped of my human rights in several ways. I was in fact fleeing from all the horrible things I endured throughout my entire life there.

My husband could not find a suitable visa to remain, and he stumbled across the humanitarian visas, not one for him, but for me, one of them being a protection visa, to which I qualified, because of my long history of injustices and abuse at the hands of several people throughout in my entire life. I never wanted to apply for a Protection visa, I wanted things to go properly and just live a life I was never allowed to in Canada. but felt this was the only way, to yet again plead with another government for the right to live.

With the thoughts of having to return to Canada and a country that had failed to protect me or even listen to me, time and time and time again throughout my entire life, I'm  having nightmares and panic attacks and anxiety on daily bases about returning.

In Canada, I was subjected to a gross miscarry of justices including, my identity was compromised, loans were taken out in my name from people I was running from, my credit was completely ruined by others, I was harassed, been given death threats and so much more, as i have indicate in more detail as told Border Protection, Tribunal and was still denied. 

I was told to go back and “Fix” my life, even after it was proven that all of my Canada Freedom of Information Files and Court files were destroyed unlawfully without any explanations.

I applied for the Protection Visa on April 17th 2015, as it was the only option I had that bridged me and my husband’s visa with work rights and again I must stress never wanted to apply for a Protection visa, I wanted things to go properly and just live a life I was never allowed to have in Canada. But because of the first employer and the computer society I had no choice but to air out my life to yet another government, and now to you.

In January 2016 I was denied by border protection, even though Border Protection stated I had a real harm, but not a real significant harm in returning.

So I went through Tribunal. 

June 05, 2017, I was called into tribunal. That interview was almost 5 hours 
I was interviewed again, on July 12th into tribunal. That interview over 3 hours
during the July 12th interview time I had a severe panic attack in front of the member. ( none of that was mentioned in her negative decision) 
After lengthy and emotionally draining interviews of detailed accounts of what I had endured and will endure in returning, in detail of accounts of the 45 years in Canada, I was denied on Aug 01 2017. by the tribunal.

Even though Tribunal said my statements were consistent throughout the entire process

I had looked into getting a lawyer but but I don’t have $22,000 to obtain one, as they wanted upfront payment, and I just don’t have that kind of money, nor do I have anyone to ask for that kind of help.

I submitted to Minister of Intervention for further review on August 16th 2017.
John Perkin was handling my file, and not the Hon. Minister Peter Dutton

Despite all the evidence I could provide, witnesses, character witnesses, psychology report and Doctors report, stating I should remain in Australia, I’m still fighting to stay here.

Today on August 31, I was informed by immigration and Border protection that some guy named Rashmi in the department of Immigration and Border Protection denied my claim and never even sent it to the minister, stated that I did not meet the guidelines for the Minister to even view the file.

My husband and I have deeply integrated into Australia in the 4 years since our arrival.

Australia is our home.

In the 4 years since being here in Australia, I have built a life without fear for the first time in my entire life to which now the Australian Government wants to take away from me.

I have never utilised any Australian Government money for my stay here nor do I ever want to and I came here and did everything legally.

Removing me from Australia will be a great hardship to all involved.

It would also be a great hardship on my current cleaning business that I built with no capital, no resources.

A hardship to all of the client’s 20+.
A great hardship on my 2 employees
It would be a great hardship on all of my Australian liabilities in the company.
A great hardship to all the friends I have made here.

It would also be a great hardship to my musical group, as I wouldn’t be able to follow through with prior commitments booked in advance and I am the lead singer in the band.

It would also be a hardship on our fur babies. Ozzy (Mini Foxy) and Mystique (Domestic Cat) that we rescued and have raised for 4 years, and to the shelters to re-home them.

To have us return to Canada would be a great hardship on everyone involved, especially me.

What I have done since arriving in Australia.

I have built a successful business, employing Australians, with absolutely no capital in starting, and I have over 20 regular clients.
We have deeply migrated into the Australian community
We have donated to the Mater Hospital
We have rescued 2 animals
We have made many friends here
I have established a musical group
We have absolutely no criminal record or even a traffic violation

and most of all, I have lived without fear, depression and anxiety since being in Australia.

In the 45 years I spent in Canada, not once, was I ever successful at anything and it wasn't for a lack of trying. I have only 1 tie in Canada and she knows that I will never return and knows she can come and visit.

I am desperate, as I have followed every step and procedure to stay in Australia due to my horrible past in Canada that continued, even to the year I left, and I was still denied.

I have severe panic attacks, nightmares every night just thinking about having to return as I believe and have stated, there is nothing for me there, no help, no place to live or work, absolutely no-one who can help me in Canada.

To go back and FIX my life that others took from me, is very costly, and lengthy and very emotional and would put me in a dangerous position.

Recently the Immigration and Border Protection forced us to be unlawful and now we have bars because of it, in applying for any other visas unless the Minister of Immigration and intervention, Hon Peter Dutton intervenes and changes it. 

the letter I was given on Thursday August 31 2017, states it wasn't sent to the Ministerial intervention because I failed the character tests??? migration act 351, I failed the public interest test: migration act 417, and the migration act 501J

I submitted many many character references, and It is in the public interest that I stay  as over 50+ Australians will be effected if I am deported,  including but not limited to my employees, band members, landlord/Real estate, Flatmate,, friends, my liabilities, along with all my medical records that also state clearly - to remove me from Australia would be a serious mental and psychological breakdown, and all documents were submitted, All stamped by a migration agent and Posted to the Hon Minister Peter Duttons email,  the hard copies were sent to the Canberra office including recordings of all interviews and RASHMI made the decision not to send the files to the Hon. Minister Dutton for further reviewing as I didn't meet the guidelines, because I am from Canada.

I only asked the Minister to review my case, in the hopes he would take compassion on my situation, and help provide a suitable visa for us to remain in Australia. 

Because he did not, and he did not view the file, this has now put me in the position to fight for my protection visa instead through Federal Court. and without representation,  which will be a long, emotionally draining, costly and difficult process, as Australia views Canada as a non corrupt country. 

If I return to Canada, it is in fact a death sentence for me.


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