Justice for our girls: Hold RCMP and Citadel School Accountable

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On January 10, a young girl of color gets assaulted by teen boys at Citadel middle school in PoCo. According to mom, school refuses to take action or accountability, and Police asked mom to drop it since the perpetrators are “good boys.” Please see the link below for mom's original post.


Turns out the boy was arrested at school on the day of the incident - but not charged. It’s only after the story garnered public attention that the boy was arrested again and charged. 4 perpetrators, only 1 charged so far. The police still have not taken the girl's statement as of January 23 (end of day).

Mom has been very brave and gracious during this difficult time. She does not want to share pics of any child. She just wants the school and RCMP to hold perpetrators accountable. Let’s continue amplifying her voice so that they can’t ignore the victim. #WeWillNotBeSilenced

I had a chance to talk with mom and am creating this petition by her request. In her own words:

"I would like the police officer that came to my house that lied and tried to scared us to drop the charges on the boy to be held accountable. The police need to be held accountable for the lies they told. The school needs to be held accountable for having these boys still attend."

"It's ridiculous that a police officer came into our home accused my daughter of being the aggressor lied about what was on the video. He stated clearly in the recording that my daughter punched and push the boy that assaulted her but that was a lie and that was confirmed by the police today. I am definitely starting to think I might need a lawyer."

Let's sign in support of the girls, mom, and their family! Let's amplify mom's voice so that we can demand justice for the girl and hold perpetrators accountable. This petition and signatures will be sent to the Mayor, the MLA, and the MP for Port Coquitlam.