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Raise the New Zealand refugee quota from 750 to 1500.

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The policy we want to change is: The customary annual refugee quota of only 750 refugees that are allowed into New Zealand.

42,500 people are forced to leave their homes each day due to conflict and persecution. This is a 4-fold increase over the past four years.This is due to the rise of Isis and the Syrian war, and the violence and poverty in countries like Nigeria, Sudan and Somalia. A refugee is someone that is forced to leave their home country and are unable to return at present time. But majority of refugees now days are seeking permanent sanctuary because these wars show no signs of ending any time soon. 

Only 750 refugees are accepted into New Zealand each year but there are currently 65 million refugees that need our help. organisations like the Red Cross claim that we are able to host at least 1500 refugees but the National government are refusing to raise the quota. By signing this petition you are supporting our fight to raise the refugee quota from 750 to 1500. 

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