Change tables installed in public disability toilets for people of all ages

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As our daughter gets bigger it's no longer safe to change her on the plastic pull out change tables (made for babies) in public bathrooms. There have been times when changing her while standing up just isn't possible so she has to lay down on a disgusting floor. Yes I bring a mat with me, but that's not the point. Why should people with disabilities have to do this? What about their dignity? What about their basic human rights? Some places (I have only ever seen 1) have adult change tables in a disability toilet, which are amazing. This one is at a park, an hour away from where we live. I have decided to make it my mission to advocate for my daughters rights and the rights of all other disabled children and adults. I just want to change my daughters nappy while respecting her dignity. Isn't it enough that she may possibly have to wear a nappy for the rest of her life?

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