Lift covid restrictions on Beauty industry!

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On behalf of the WA beauty industry, we the beauty therapists & makeup artists are asking Mark McGowan to reconsider Beauty Therapy restrictions and lift the current covid bans on beauty services at stage 2 in WA from 18.05.2020. 

As a beauty therapist we undertake strict hygiene and saftey standards between each client. Many of us obtain certificate III in infection control due to skin penetration procedures and maintaining a clean and safe work environment is of utmost importance for our safety and our clients. 

We use single use disposable items where possible & hospital grade disinfectants to clean. We steralise all re-usable items and wipe down benches between each client.

Our environment far safer than a communal environment like a pub or cafe or even Kmart where hundreds of people pass through daily touching everything! 

Please reconsider these bans for stage 2. Our numbers here in WA are SO low for the size of this state! QLD have enabled basic beauty services to operate from 16.05.2020 to include: waxing, nails, facials, makeup ect.. (no skin penetration until stage 3) and their numbers are significantly higher! (18 active cases to our 7 active cases as of today 12.05.2020) this doesn’t warrant another 4-5 weeks until we can operate at all. 

Please think of our livelihoods that we have worked so hard to build. These numbers do not support the restrictions we have. Please think of all the women dying to feel human again. Please think of our sanity, we are ready to go back to doing what we do best following strict hygiene and safety standards. It’s time! 

Brooke O’Dea

Brooke Carter Makeup & Brow Artistry