Fix Koo Wee Rup Road

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Four weeks ago, our son & brother became a victim to the sad reality of road fatalities in our state.

The road on which Ryan tragically lost his life is a road that residents have been demanding something urgently be done for years. There are 'PLANS' in place for these works to be undertaken; we have created this petition so these PLANS are done, and fast!

Ryan, sadly, wasn't the first to lose his life to the KOO WEE RUP ROAD, there have been others, one as recently as January 2016. We are fighting for the upgrade on this and other roads to avoid any more heartache and pain for other families...

The State government has adopted as its current road safety theme "Towards zero". Unless they're prepared to back this with actual work, this is simply a slogan - if they truly desire zero fatalities, focus on areas that witness multiple deaths, listen to those who have to live with these black spots in their backyard and FIX FATAL ROAD. 

Bear in mind, this is not about looking for someone to blame for Ryan's death; it is an attempt to prevent any more, as there is a solution.

Please sign this petition so that we may deliver it to Hon Luke Donnellan Minister for Roads & Road Safety; Hon Russell Broadbent MP for MacMillan, the local Federal seat & Cr Graeme Moore, the Cardinia Shire councillor responsible for roads - FIX FATAL ROAD