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Please pass voluntary assisted dying in WA before I die.

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My name is Rhonda Taylor. I am in my 54th and final year of life.

I have metastatic breast cancer with brain and bone metastases, and I am dying.

The cancer is in my bones, in my skull, my jaw, my neck, my shoulders, my entire spine, my arms, my pelvis, my legs, my toes, my ribs, my brain.

The pain on bad days is scream-out-loud pain, unbearable and difficult to manage despite access to schedule 8 drugs from palliative care. 

As wonderful as palliative care is, it can only do so much.

Fortunately, my cognitive functioning has not diminished so I am well aware of what is happening, and I am able to make decisions about my care.

I want to die with dignity - not a slow agonising death.  Surely no one can benefit from allowing such torture to occur?

I am not afraid of dying, but I’m afraid of dying in agony.

Voluntary assisted dying won’t be enacted in time to help me, but I know that it will be a comfort to others.

This is why I would like to see the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2019 pass Parliament before I die.

Unfortunately, The Hon Nick Goiran MLC is needlessly delaying the bill in the hopes of scuttling it.

I cannot stop this on my own, so can you join me in calling for Liza Harvey and Peter Collier to stop the delays to compassionate end of life choices?

Today: Rhonda is counting on you

Rhonda Taylor needs your help with “Hon. Liza Harvey MLA and Hon. Peter Collier MLC: Please pass voluntary assisted dying in WA before I die.”. Join Rhonda and 53,907 supporters today.