Hybrid or Fully Electric Vehicle Reserved Parking Spaces

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As part of the Victorian State Government's dedication to restoring Victoria's status as a leader in climate change and the environment, enticements need to be provided to Victorian residents, to encourage their actionable support to assist the Government in meeting the aims of climate change policies.

A major component of actionable support Victorian residents can directly participate in, is when the time comes for replacing a vehicle for personal transportation, an enticement initiative to encourage the purchase of a hybrid or fully electric vehicle in the form of designated parking spaces, only for hybrid or fully electric vehicles to be made available in private and public car parks, throughout the State of Victoria.

The designated hybrid or fully electric vehicle parking spaces, may be located within the same area as the pre-existing disabled or pram parking spaces. These locations may be most environmentally sensible because when hybrid vehicles are operated in economy or EV mode, they switch to their battery to supply power to the electric motor for propelling the vehicle at speeds below 40 km/h, resulting in zero engine exhaust emissions. Vehicles only propelled with Internal Combustion Engines, are less efficient below their cruising speeds, and least efficient when driven around in car parks.

To identify a designated hybrid or fully electric vehicle parking space, a similar green diamond icon/symbol (that is already depicted on hybrid vehicles' registration/license plates) may be emblazoned on a road sign, or on the road surface of the parking space.

There already exists legislation for providing designated parking spaces only for disabled drivers or drivers with prams, and including legislation to add designated parking spaces only for hybrid or fully electric vehicles, is a natural and reasonable extension of the Government's priorities in supporting the community initiatives for protecting our Environment, concomitant with the health and well being of Victoria's residents.

As an asthmatic my lungs are adversely affected when walking back to our family owned hybrid vehicle, as a result of comparatively inefficient fully internal combustion engine vehicles, generating substantial levels of air pollution whilst either:

*standing in a parking space with the engine idling or;

*circling or waiting for a car parking space (with the engine running or idling) to become available, located as close as possible to the shops/stores/offices or the car park elevator/stairs.