Impartial and fair verdict for human rights defender Cocoy Tulawie! Ensure his safety and security!

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A Message from Cocoy Tulawie to you!

"I have been in the four walls of this prison for three years, five months and 24 days since I was arrested last January 14, 2012. I can’t believe I have been denied of my freedom this long. Given all the support from highly competent human rights institutions and human rights defenders and despite my clear innocence and the utter lack of credibility of my accuser, Vice Governor Sakur Tan, money and political influence managed to rob me of my precious freedom for 1270 days now. This was made possible through the services of at least 4 law firms who were employed by Sakur Tan to do everything and anything even to the extent of producing false witnesses and resorting to bribery just to put me behind bars at all cost. Sakur Tan is so desperate he even had to compromise and destroy democratic institutions like the Witness Protection Program, National Commission on Muslim Filipinos, Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, City Fiscal’s office of Zamboanga, the local courts and prosecution office in Sulu and BJMP in Camp Bagong Diwa just to build a case against me. Not contented with proven legal machination and lawyers’ dirty tricks, Sakur Tan even went to the extent of swearing before the Holy Qur’an in open court in order to convince the judge of his self-concocted falsehood. Alhamdulillah, the promulgation of decision for my case is already scheduled this coming July 17, 2015 at 9:00 o’clock in the morning. I have been waiting and praying for this day every single day and each and every hour of longing and uncertainty spent in this prison cell. As we approached the end of Ramadhan, I ask all of you to pray for the Judge who will decide on my case so that she will become an instrument of Allah’s justice, truth and mercy. I have done everything humanly possible to fight and defend myself against the power, might and wealth of Abdusakur Tan. It has been physically exhausting, financially draining and at times lonely legal battle. I now entrust everything to Allah’s will and plan. Let me end by sharing an excerpt of my direct testimony in court in response to the question, why don’t you just surrender to Sakur Tan and settle this with him amicably? 'Forcing me to bow down to an oppressor like Sakur Tan is haram. It is like forcing me to swallow pork. The human rights work in Sulu is not for my own sake alone. This is a struggle of our people to live in dignity and safety. If I bow down to Sakur Tan, that is like surrendering to him the cause and principles that the human rights movement has fought for'." Temogen “Cocoy” Tulawie

International Peace Observers Network
7 years ago