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Stop the BYOx (Bring your own device) in Queensland State Primary Schools.

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The Queensland State Government has mandated that children in primary schools need to bring their own tablet or laptop. 

Not only is this a huge expense to the parents, the benefits of having a laptop or table in school at this age has not been shown to have a significant educational value. We feel that laptops and tablets are an unwelcome distraction to the education process. 

There have been many studies of the dangers of too much time in front of electronic devices for young children's developing  brains.  This includes learning basics including reading, writing and mathematics.  With the introduction of electronic devices children as young as 5 and 6 are now relying on tools like spell and gramma and calculators check to do the work for them.  This does not give them the core skills for a basic education.  

When a child has access to a computer, this can also increase their time in-front of electronic devices for games and in come cases social media.  This disrupts the normal play patterns where much of the normal day to day tactile learning is done. 

If computers at this age are part of the curriculum for electronic based subjects then they should be supplied by the government in a computer lap or other facility.  

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