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Overhaul Australia's Education System

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Australia's education system is failing our children. Latest NAPLAN results are in the news again and results are not so good. WHY? Finger pointing starts at schools and teachers and those at the top decide the answer is to push harder. In my experience this test shows only how that child achieved on ONE day with ONE test, and it's not a true indication of my child's strengths at all!  Also on the increase is the alarming number of children being diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Read Lucy Clark's book Beautiful Failures for a first-hand insight into this topic, it's heart breaking. It is time we had a long hard look at our education system. We need our children to be happy, well rounded, creative thinkers, inventors, and we need the education system to support that. How? Have a look at Finland's education system and gradually introduce their style of education to Australia, beginning with hands-on learning up to the age of 7 years. The results there speak for themselves! LET'S HAVE THE BEST EDUCATION SYSTEM IN THE WORLD!

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