Ministerial Intervention for Aged Parents

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My elderly parents are having to go through a long stressful process to remain in Australia.

They applied for an Aged Parents visa in 2009.  My dad passed his first medical in 2009 but since then his health has declined, so he failed the second one in 2016. He is now bed-bound, receiving palliative care at home. My 76 year old mum is his primary carer.

We went through all the correct channels to Appeal, only to be refused Ministerial Intervention twice. In the past, other Ministers have intervened at this stage, granting visas on compassionate grounds that allow the Aged Parent to remain in Australia (even though they may not achieve an official Permanent Residency visa)

Now we have been forced to apply for a medical treatment visa, which may or may not be granted, therefore it is uncertain whether or not my parents will end up being deported. In addition, my mum may now have lost her right to residency (if Minister Peter Dutton is indeed planning to stop Parent Migration to Australia in future.)

I am my parents’ only relative. They have no ties in the UK anymore. They have bought their home in Australia and have made their lives here. My husband and I both are Australian citizens with small businesses, employing other Australian citizens. If they are deported my father may not survive the journey home and my husband and I will have to uproot our lives in Australia to return to the UK to care for my mum.

The Dept of Home Affairs initially gave little explanation for their refusal to pass the case to the Minister. There has been little warmth or concern for my parents. This has been a very traumatic process for my elderly parents and myself. I do not wish this experience on anyone.

Something needs to change within the Department of Home Affairs. Vulnerable elderly people should receive more humane treatment and ought not to be subject to such a long stressful process. New laws need to be made to prevent this from happening to many others in future.


I respectfully ask for the support of the Hon Karen Andrews in bringing about change.