Request to process Canadian Experience Class as a separate stream in Canadian PR.

Request to process Canadian Experience Class as a separate stream in Canadian PR.

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Hon. Marco Mendicino and Hon. Justin Trudeau,


We have started this petition to bring it to your notice about the hardship and hurdles that international students face while applying for Canadian Permanent Residency through Canadian Experience Class (CEC). The eligible CEC candidates even after 1 or 2 years of study, highest scores/band in language assessment test and gaining experience of 2 years in their respective NOC job categories still have their scores in the range of 400-440 whereas the current score is 478 making it highly impossible for the candidates to get their Canadian Permanent Residency (PR).

During these unprecedented  COVID times, it is impossible for the candidates to even book their language test from last 3 months and hindering their chances to improve their scores. And on top of that many candidates work permit visas are also expiring soon which actually results in their applications not being selected for the draw. This is causing the candidates to worry about their career and livelihood.

I myself am aware of at least 500 candidates who could not make through in the CEC draw happened last month and they are so dejected and disappointed at the turn of events.

As many CEC candidates found relief during the past few months as IRCC has processed CEC class separately w.r.t the general express entry. As CEC candidates are already well equipped with the highest standards of Canadian education and employment we would like to petition to continue to process CEC streams separately.

Thank you for taking the time to read.


Gaurav Katna