Decision Maker Response

Justin Trudeau’s response

Oct 7, 2015 — Canada’s current system of marijuana prohibition does not work. It does not prevent young people from using marijuana, and too many Canadians end up with criminal records for possessing small amounts of the drug.

To ensure that we keep marijuana out of the hands of children, and the profits out of the hands of criminals, the Liberal Party of Canada will legalize, regulate, and restrict access to marijuana.

We will remove marijuana consumption and incidental possession from the Criminal Code, and create new, stronger laws to punish more severely those who provide it to minors, those who operate a motor vehicle while under its influence, and those who sell it outside of the new regulatory framework. We will also create a federal/provincial/territorial task force, and with input from experts in public health, substance abuse, and law enforcement, will design a new system of strict marijuana sales and distribution, with appropriate federal and provincial excise taxes applied.

The NDP’s decriminalization-only program will keep production and distribution in the hands of gangs, will do nothing to keep it out of the hands of children or protect Canadians’ public safety concerns, and will allows gangs to collect the proceeds.

A Liberal government will act responsibly and swiftly on this issue.

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