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Oct of 2006 cps got involed in our lives n made my son move in with my mom cuz my 5 year old at the time told me that my 10 year touched her pee-pee
so i reached out for help for my kids June 12 2009 1:00 am cps
came to my house saying there was a report n demanding to see the kids i tryed to tell them they was sleeping seeing how they had school next day they
said let us in we wont wake them so not knowing my rights I letted them in what a big mistake that was . once

they got in my kids n my life was over they started taking pitchers n made a phone call n got our home condeamed then asked me if i had any place for the girls
to go witch i didn't so they woke them up n took them away all cuz a puppy wasn't fully potty trained an cuz there was some stuff that land lord had
to fix me n my lard lord got everything fixed n got the house uncondeamed in Oct of 2009 they gave us over nights then the weekend before holloween they
took my over nights away I asked y knowing I didn't do any thing wrong they said there is a invisagaion going on n don't worry once its over u can get
your over nights back another lie cuz i never got them back in fact i never got another alone time with them as u will see ( it was about A year later

when I started hearing reasons y they stoped my over nights 3 diffent reasons n 3 diffent lies )
1. cuz I left the girls alone with my son witch I didn't
2. cuz i let my son spend the night at my house well i had the girls over night witch i didn't
3. me n my girls spent the night at my moms
with my son being there witch we didn't even though it was never said that we couldn't I even told my lawyer that i have a witness that they r lieing
but my lawyer never did any thing about it Nov 4 2009 they removed my son from my mom saying that he is getting out of control n my mom can't handle
him any more from June 12 2009 to June 2010 I did everything I was told to do but they made my 13 year old move in with her dad way out to N.H witch
is a 15 hour drive from me that is if I even drived n they left my 10 year old baby girl n my son in foster care so i kept doing every thing i was told
to do then JAN of 2011 they started talking about retruning my son to me n told me i needed to come up with ways to keep my 10 year old safe from

my 15 year old so I came up with two page full of ways to keep her safe in Feb of 2011 they said my safely plans wont work they didn't even look at
them n they started talking to me about signing my rights away on my 10 year old i kept telling them i'm not signing my rights away i kept fighting
them about it n doing every thing they said to do every thing besept signing my rights away that was the one n only thing i kept refussing to do
till June 12 2011 when I went to court n told my lawyer I wanted a new lawyer I wanted A sec apenden before I sign any thing but in stade they
made me talk to my kids lawyer witch said I can get a new lawyer but they r going for word witch means i will lose the deal of being able to see
her 2 times a year then he asked me am i willing to not see my kid at all for rest of her life cuz if I give up my deal i be lucky if i ever see

her again cuz she more likely wont remember me an as any parent knows it hurts living with out r kids but it would kill us to never ever see our
kids again for rest of there lives so out of scaredness i signed my rights away even though i didn't want to so in Dec 2011 she will be adopted
by a lady I BEARLY EVEN KNOW :(( God I want my baby back PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ :((
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