Completely ban the plastic bag in Australia

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Plastic bags are slowly breaking down into smaller and smaller plastics called micro plastics, which are killing innocent animals on this earth. 5.25 Trillion pieces of plastic already end up in the ocean every year, and it is expected that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean, than fish in the sea. This plastic has devastating effects on our environment, and on our marine life, with over 100,000 sea animals, and over 1 million birds dying from entanglement, or digestions of plastic. We have become the plastic age, and need to stop the use of single use plastic right now.

There has been thousands of efforts to ban single use plastic bags, but this time we all need to show our support, and hopefully we will be able to show the Australian Government that majority of Australians want to ban plastic bags. I am calling on as many people as possible to sign, to clean up our world, starting with Australia.

Although the effects of plastic bags are not felt by humans, but we are slowly killing our own sea life, that have done nothing to deserve it. Stop turning a blind eye to this, and lets get it done. States such as Victoria are introducing so called "Harsher penalties" for the use of single use plastics, but it isn't good enough. We need to completely ban single use plastic bags, for the sake of this earth.

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