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Hon John McVeigh MP; Hon Andrew Powell MP: Ban Stainless Steel Fish Hooks in QLD Freshwater Waterways


Our native freshwater turtles are dying as a result of 'common practice' by our freshwater fishers.
People, I really need help with this one please?
Stainless steel hooks are being swallowed by turtles very frequently when the lines are cut which is common practice for our fisher friends to do to release them. They are also caught in their mouths and can stop them from eating, resulting in a slow and painful death. Stainless steel hooks will not rust, and eventually can, and do make their way through the turtle until they hit a major organ, which has been proven to kill them up to 15 years later.
There was a case of a Broad-shelled turtle that was handed into Taronga Zoo that died after it had been in captivity for 15 years, due to a hook that eventually migrated its way out of its gastrointestinal tract and into its liver. This wouldn't have happened if the hook wasn't stainless steel. It would have rusted away instead.

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