Rename the ACU "Pell Centre" now that George Pell is convicted of child sex offences

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On 11th December 2018 Cardinal George Pell was found guilty of sexually abusing two 13 year old boys shortly after administering a Sunday mass. 

Enshrined in international law is the presumption of innocence, in that you are innocent until proven guilty.  George Pell is no longer innocent, he has been convicted of repugnant sex crimes against children and despite any previous service to the community worthy of recognition he no longer deserves the right to be publicly recognised or honoured as a person of good character.  Regardless of any appeal yet to be heard George Pell currently remains a convicted child sex offender.

The Australian Catholic University (ACU) has a campus based in Ballarat, a regional Victorian town plagued over the years by predatory paedophiles from within the Catholic church.  Within ACU's Ballarat campus is the "Pell Centre" a building named in recognition of a now convicted sex offender.

The Ballarat Courier reported on the 15th March that ACU's Chancellor the Hon John Fahey has rejected his own staffs appeal for the university to change the name of the Pell building.  

I personally believe it disgusting that a university that puts so called "compassion and social justice at the centre of your learning" can continue to teach students within a building named after a man who forced his penis into the mouth of a 13 year old child amongst other sexual offences.

If you, like me, are disgusted at Australian Catholic Universities apparent public support for a perpetrator of sex crimes against societies most vulnerable then I implore you to sign this petition, calling for ACU Chancellor Hon John Fahey AC to immediately and publicly denounce the actions of Cardinal George Pell and remove all official reference and signage placed across ACU campuses to recognise and honour this now convicted criminal.


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