We need public inpatient units that assist children with eating disorders

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Currently there are no public inpatient services for people with an eating disorder.  Before the age of 18 you are admitted into a hospital, only if you are medically unstable.  This means your heart and other organs must be failing before you are admitted.  Once you turn 18, the hospital will no longer help you.  This is a mental illness with the highest mortality rate than any other mental health illness.  The malnutrition causes thing's such as; an irregular heartbeat, chronic fatigue, liver and/or thyroid problems, dizziness, lack of physical strength, thinning of the bones, hair loss,  slowing metabolism.  It alters the way the brain functions causing; slow thinking, inability to concentrate, anxiety, OCD and depression.  1 in every 10 sufferers will die.  There is a very high suicide rate linked to eating disorders.  There are currently no programs funded by the government to assist people with this debilitating illness.  Sufferers need a treatment facility that is just focused on eating disorders.  There are Mother's out there watching their children slowly die before their eyes, because of the lack of help.  I have a friend who's daughter just turned 18.  She is very very ill.  The hospital won't help her now because she is "18".  She was sent to emergency because her OBS were so unstable.  The hospital allowed her not to eat for 5 days.  Then she was discharged weighing less than she did before going in.  This illness is NOT a choice.  Having an inpatient facility available for the public, would be life changing for sufferers.  Please sign and share this petition.  There are treatment facilities for people with other mental illnesses, why is there no help for eating disorders?  Considering it has the highest mortality rate.  My son is a 16yr old suffering Anorexia Nervosa.  This illness has had a huge impact on our entire family's lives.  You are a carer 24/7, therefore cannot work.  These children have months off school due to this illness, because it is not dealt with.  We are expected to sit with our children for hours if necessary, to try and get them to eat.  When they are in hospital if they refuse to eat, they are given food through a tube.  Us as parents don't have that luxury at home.  We just have to sit and wait until they are medically unstable for any help.  Unless you are living it, it is very hard to understand just the lack of help out there.  I hope we can raise more awareness and finally get the help we need.  My sons Anorexia was caused by his CPTSD from years of school bullying.