Build Wollert Rail and Improve Local Roads in Epping North & Wollert

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Epping North and Wollert Area in the City of Whittlesea has seen enormous growth in the population in the past few years but a failure of transport services to keep up with this growth has severely impacted the liveability of the residents in the area and resulted in a dire situation (eg. panic during grass fires in 2013)

We are seeking a commitment from both sides of the government to fund projects below as a matter of priority. These projects will help ease the congestion in the Epping North & Wollert area and improve liveability of the residents to a great extent:

  1. Build Wollert Rail
  2. Duplicate Epping Road
  3. Duplicate Craigieburn Road East
  4. Duplicate Edgars Road

Hon. Jacinta Allan - State Minister of Public Transport, Hon. Luke Donnellan - State Minister for Roads and Road Safety and respective shadow ministers Hon. David Davis and Hon. David Hodgett, We request your urgent attention in resolving this major issue. This will be a big step in the right direction and help communities in Epping North and Wollert to be better connected