Stop Clementine Ford to enter NZ & participate in Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival 2019

Stop Clementine Ford to enter NZ & participate in Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival 2019

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NZ Citizens No to Violence or Discrimination against any one started this petition to Hon Winston Peters (Deputy Prime Minister) and



To:-Minister of Immigration Hon Iain Lees-Galloway - Dunedin City Council Mayor Dave Cull, - NZ Prime Minister Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern, - Deputy Prime Minister Hon Winston Peters - David Seymour - ACT Party Leader - Paul Hunt NZ Human Rights Commissioner.

We started this petition to address our huge concerns about allowing Ms. Clementine Alice Ford entry to New Zealand. All evidence is provided in the links below in this petition. 

We insistently demand the following:  

  • Stop and ban Clementine Ford from entering New Zealand pursuant to s16 of the Immigration Act 2009
  • Don't allow her to participate in the Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival 2019. 
  • Remove all her books from all New Zealand's bookseller shelves and online websites. 

This petition is primarily created against Ms. Ford's unlawful and violent actions and her significant history of inciting violence, killing of men. NZ suicide and mental health rates are increasing and particularly for males. We don't want a person like Ms. Ford to enter New Zealand with her history of inciting violence and hatred and killing of men. Her influence and violence incitement will have a very detrimental impact on our people's health and wellbeing. It's not in the public interest to allow her to enter New Zealand. 

  • WHO IS SHE? 

Clementine Ford is an Australian feminist author who has a very significant and demonstrable history of inciting violence against men. She has been inciting violence and promoting gendercide of men on many social media platforms.


Clementine Ford will be participating in the "Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival 2019" 11th May 2019 and she will be attending an event at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery to promote her books. The Event's Link below

Clementine Ford: Boys will be boys - In conversation with Michelle A'Court

That F Word - with Lizzie Marvelly, Clementine Ford and chair Barbara Brookes

Clementine Ford: Boys Will Be Boys - Christchurch


+ In Melbourne last year, Ms. Ford's Lifeline speech was canceled after thousands demanded the charity remove her as a keynote speaker due to her violence incitements against men on social media tweets that 'kill all men' and 'all men must die'. Ms. Ford was removed as a speaker from the event. 

Due to her significant history inciting violence, killing, and gendercide of men, there is a threat and risk to public order and the public interest. She is highly likely to incite violence (towards men, individuals and other groups)" and cause "discord and disharmony in New Zealand". Also her incitement of violence is highly likely to be acted, if she is not stopped from entering new zealand and attend the public events scheduled. 

According to article 2 & 8 of the Communication principles of the Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015  a digital communication should not be threatening, intimidating, or menacing. A digital communication should not incite or encourage anyone to send a message to an individual for the purpose of causing harm to the individual. 

+ All Ms. Ford's tweets were posted in public on social media platforms and many New Zealand men and people were exposed to it. 

+ Her tweet  "death to white boys/men" link   screenshot

+ In 2014, Immigration New Zealand has banned the Odd Future band from entering to NZ due to their history of inciting violence. INZ quoted as below;  

"" When it stopped Odd Future coming to New Zealand, INZ said under the law permission to enter might not be granted if there was a reason to believe there was, or was likely to be, a threat or risk to public order or the public interest.""

Incitement of Violence is considered as violence and we don't see any difference between the actions of Ms. Ford and the Odd Future band. 

+ Ms Ford wrote a sick note to a fan inside a copy of her latest book:
'Have you killed any men today.. if not, why not?' link of the news article

Ms. Ford had literally encouraged one of her fans to 'kill men' in a handwritten note inside a copy of her latest book. Screenshot of the note she wrote >> link

+ Such awful acts are considered as an attempt to procure murder against men in general and according to New Zealand law, it's unlawful to encourage murder or killing any person even if the murder or killing not in fact committed.

+ Inciting violence is considered as an Attempt to commit or procure the commission of an offence pursuant to section 311 of the Crimes Act 1961, Ms. Ford is guilty of breaching the law in NZ and she must be charged if she will enter New Zealand.

+ The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states that "any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law" (article 20).

+ All her actions and derogatory comments and violence and killing incitements are very offensive to all men in NZ. It's an unlawful act and punishable according to New Zealand Laws. 

It's obvious that her history of violence, hate, killing, and gendercide of men is a direct incitement and raise the risk of violence on our people and citizens. She will be speaking in a public venue at one of Dunedin council venues (Dunedin Art Gallery).



She is one of the most disreputable man-hating feminists in Australia. Clementine Ford is very well known to make promoting gendercide of men with "kill all men” hashtag through her Twitter posts and many other inappropriate discriminatory sexist posts and comments through the social media. Her views are strongly prejudiced against men.

+ Clementine Ford on youtube admitting that she incited violence against men without showing any remorse and trying to justify her criminal acts by saying "its was a joke" video link

+ A petition against Ms. Ford signed by 6000+ to fire her from working with fairfax media link

+ She mentioned on her patreon page, that every $10 donated, then she would vow to 'curse 10 men'.She is Collecting donations by encouraging and inciting abuse against men. (news link) Screenshot link

+ Parent of student at Aquinas College in Melbourne slammed Clementine Ford link 

+ Copies of her tweets promoting Men gendercide and killing: link

+ Verbally abused a father with his daughter and that a father shouldn’t be with their daughter's link

+ Many other social media posts inciting violence and killing of men. link

+ Her Facebook account is often removed by Facebook due to the mass reporting of her page’s inappropriate contents and hate speech against men.

We shouldn't support any hate speech against any groups, religions, race or gender. 

Last year, Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux were banned from speaking at all Auckland Council venues due to many complaints about them inciting hate and racism in our communities. 

Also a couple of days ago, one of NZ major booksellers Whitcoulls has pulled a Jordan Peterson book off its shelves following the Christchurch Mosque attacks, due to some derogatory & islamophobic comments about Muslims. 

So why should we allow Ms. Ford to enter NZ and she has a very significant history of inciting violence against men and encouraging and promoting the killing of men?

Paul Hunt is the Chief Human Rights Commissioner at the New Zealand Human Rights Commission and he mentioned in his recent article on 

"This is not "political correctness gone mad". It is a matter of life, death and human rights. Disrespectful words and actions give permission for discrimination, harassment, and violence."

Last year Ms. Ford had an event in Auckland and the ACT Party condemned her using the council premises. link  twitter post

"ACT supports free speech, even for idiots like this. But surely @phil_goff - who said ‘views that divide rather than unite are repugnant’ - won’t stand for Clementine Ford using an @AklCouncil venue on Tuesday. Will he threaten to ban her like he did Molyneux and Southern?"


We, as the citizens of New Zealand are very concerned about the increasing pressure on our communities from rising levels of discrimination and hatred and violence by people coming into our country spreading their hatred and bigoted thoughts. We have nothing against her speaking in a respectful manner without inciting any violence or killing or any derogatory comments about men. 

Accordingly, Ms. Ford's history of inciting violence, killing and derogatory comments about men, we oppose allowing Ms. Ford to come into our country and using our local council venues to promote violence, genocide, and hatred against men and against anyone. 

Violence and hatred and bigotry thoughts already have had a very detrimental impact on our communities and families. Following the disastrous incident of Christchurch massacre where 50 people were killed, similar influences like Ms. Ford hatred and discriminatory and violence influences shouldn't be allowed in our country nor participate in any public council events particularly using our public council venues. Her views and speeches should be censored.

In a nutshell, she should not be allowed to enter New Zealand. She was removed as a speaker from many events in Australia and the same should happen in New Zealand. 

Clementine Ford deliberately and offensively incites violence against an entire group solely on the basis of their membership of that group. They are male - men and boys - and they are a group protected by legislation in New Zealand. And both men and women are offended and insulted by it.

We are asking you to once again take a righteous stand against hate speech, inciting violence and killing against any of New Zealand groups, gender, race, religion ...etc. Its not a joke !

We insistently demand to stop Clementine Ford from entering New Zealand and not to allow her to participate in Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival 2019 and not to use any of NZ public council venues. The council venues are not created for hate speeches by people that want to abuse and insult others or people who have a significant history of inciting violence and hatred against anyone. 

Mayor Dave Cull, we kindly request from you to cancel her event at any of the Dunedin council venues which are funded and paid by the taxpayers and ratepayers. Many New Zealanders kiwis are not happy with Ms. Ford to utilise one of our council's venues for promoting her hatred and bigotry thoughts.

We insistently demand to cancel her event asap. People with her attitude and history of promoting and inciting killing men are not welcome in New Zealand. We don’t tolerate this sort of behavior in our beautiful Aotearoa!

We want people to live in harmony without any violence, hatred, and discrimination. This is US... This is New Zealand!


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!