Disclaimer of Leke Teriba and his executives for Embezzlement of Igbe Ogunro Cda Finance.

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We all are cognizant and aware of the effort being in place by present administration on community development which is evidence in most communities in lagos state.on the 28th of April 2018 the chairman and two of his excos presented a fictitious financial report at the general meeting after much push and pressure from different quarter's particularly at the community social group media.the Baala of the community rescheduled the meeting for 7th of July for communal audit but the chairman and his excos refused to show up for the meeting. Our position is that the electricity levies that was meant for electrification of the community were used by the chairman to enrich himself and also extend to his executives.within the period of collation of these electricity fees,the chairman who was formerly a taxi driver have been able to purchase car's,houses,acquire landed properties and set up a block industry. These consequently show that community money has been misappropriatedand diverted into his private pursue. 



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