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Australia! We need to support our terminally ill!

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The terminally ill struggle to receive Centrelink payments because they fall through bureaucratic red tape. They are not eligible for disability, and in many cases they are not eligible for the sickness allowance, which is a low paying payment anyway.

They also struggle to get their superannuation out as big corperations make it difficult. On top of this they pay large taxes on the removal of their funds.

At a time when they shoukd be swiping things off their bucket list, and spending time with their families, they are filling out paperwork and getting rejected for payments.

We need a centrelink payment for the terminally ill. Not only do we need it, it should be the highest paying payment. Furthermore, recipients should receive a 3000 dollar payment to spend, to do something that theyve always wanted to do. On top of this, superannuation removal should be immediate and automatic for recipients of the terminally ill payment. And lastly they should not be taxed on early release of super OR should pay significantly less tax upon recieving their super early.

Come on Australia. I know you want to take care of our terminally ill, so sign this petition to force our government to represent our wishes, and take care of our most vulnerable. 

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