STOP Ontario Ag-Gag Bill 156!

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The Ontario Government is trying to pass freedom-crushing legislation that would make it a crime to expose animal abuse!

Introduced on 12/2/19 by the Hon. Ernie Hardeman, Bill 156 seeks to limit access to farms, slaughterhouses, and transport trucks and would make it a crime to uncover and report the truth about how farm animals are treated.

Undercover footage routinely shows farm animals subjected to abuse and neglect. However, instead of imposing welfare standards or ensuring the proper treatment of farm animals, the Government is looking to conceal animal cruelty by preventing whistleblowers and journalists from reporting animal cruelty and neglect. It's a moral obligation to report any crimes of cruelty and neglect! If passed, Bill 156 will severely undermine Ontario's animal welfare laws and will allow companies and individuals to "continue business as usual."

Urge the Premier of Ontario Doug Ford, the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Ernie Hardeman, and MPPs Jeff Yurek, Sylvia Jones, Doug Downey, Randy Pettapiece, Toby Barrett, John Vanthof, and Sarah Singh to OPPOSE Bill 156!