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Government Funding For Epilepsy Stereo EEG & Cortical Stimulation Mapping Research

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I write to you as the father of a daughter who was excelling at school, getting great marks for her efforts and attending Queensland Academy of Science, Mathematics and Technology, and then after a number of episodes where she could not recall what had happened, she was diagnosed with focal dyscognative epilepsy at the age of 16 years.  This condition has prevented her from leading a normal life, from getting her driver's licence and being independent.  She has had to endure countless medical examinations, mri's, ct scans, blood tests, video monitoring, ecg's, and the list goes on.  In early 2017 our daughter made the decision to be placed under the care of Dr Sasha Dionisio and the Mater Centre for Neurosciences.  In mid 2017 our daughter spent 4 days at the Mater Hospital for video monitoring. From this, data was gathered indicating where the seizures were starting, however, prior to progressing to surgery, a Stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG) was required by the Mater team.  Our daughter recently had this procedure completed, she was admitted at the Mater for 11 days. At the conclusion of the stay and the completion for the Stereo EEG and Cortical Stimulation Mapping (CSM), the medical team were able to confer and advise our daughter's epilepsy could be cured, pending one or two more high level mri's, thru laser surgery.

It came to our knowledge that this procedure is not Government funded, the cost for this procedure is currently worn by the Mater Hospital. The benefits are huge, thru the SEEG and CSM it allows the medical staff to obtain an unequivocal understanding of the epilepsy, its cause/trigger point and behaviour and then they can provide recommendations on the path forward to be epilepsy free.

I implore the Queensland Government to get behind the SEEG and CSM and provide the funding to assist numerous epilepsy sufferers in Queensland.

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