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Allow Sofia's electricity supply to be reconnected with a Manually Read Interval Meter (MRIM)

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Sofia’s smart meter story: a life ruined, a future denied

Upon returning from an interstate business trip, Sofia’s health started to mysteriously and rapidly decline. Sofia could no longer sleep, her vision suddenly deteriorated, she had constant headaches, nausea, irritability, fatigue and short term memory loss. An acute, burning rash all over her body and swollen legs eventually led to hospitalization.

This was a stark turn of events for a woman still in her prime, who had been healthy and had enjoyed an exciting, busy life as a full time worker and sole parent of a teenage daughter.

Sofia and her doctors discovered the horrible coincidence – all her symptoms had started after a wireless smart meter had been installed inside a cavity in her bedroom wall, against her wishes and without her knowledge whilst she was away from home.

Now Sofia is on a Disability Pension, too sick to work and struggling to look after herself and her 14 year old daughter.

After months of unendurable physical suffering and pleading with her power distributor and the government agencies, this Victorian mother had only one option – to take things into her own hands and have the smart meter removed from her home. Soon after, her health started to improve and she still continued to pay the estimated electricity bills she received.

On the 3rd March 2014, without warning or written notification, Sofia’s power was cut off. Appeals to her power distributor (United Energy), Energy Safe Victoria, the Victorian Energy Ombudsman, the Victorian Energy Minister and others have only resulted in stone walling and doors shut in her face. No one wants to help, no one wants to accept the grim reality facing this distraught mother and daughter.

Since the disconnection occurred, Sofia and her daughter have had to live without:

  • Electric lights. She and her daughter have been using candles and a torch for light
  • A refrigerator/freezer.  All food has to be purchased daily and consumed that day. 
  • The ability to use a washing machine to launder clothing
  • The use of a laptop computer to allow her daughter to complete her schoolwork
  • Any heating for her home, particularly as the weather turns colder with winter approaching

Sofia has been told that, unless she accepts a smart meter on her house, she will not be supplied with electricity. Her power distributor refuses to return her safe, non-wireless meter. For this situation to be allowed to occur in Melbourne "the world's most liveable city" is an indictment upon the Victorian Government.

Such behaviour is a denial of an essential service and therefore the denial of a basic human right - especially as Sofia's electricity account is fully paid up!

Governments are supposed to represent the people who elect their representatives and not BIG business; however it appears from the punitive treatment being meted out to people like Sofia that the Victorian Government is actively working against the welfare of vulnerable Victorians in our communities.

It is because of these tragic developments in Sofia's situation that we are appealing to you to sign this petition. Let’s hope this forces the Victorian Premier (Denis Napthine) and his new Energy Minister (Russell Northe) to back down from the government’s punitive measures against Sofia and her daughter. Please help Sofia get her old, safe meter back, and the power switched on.

Please watch this youtube video for more information: Punitve Power and the Smart Meter Tyranny

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