Help make treatment available for South Island children with Eating Disorders.

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Genetic-Based Eating Disorders (ED) have the highest mortality rates of all mental illness.

They affect as many as one in ten adolescents, but too often we hear stories of care unavailable or gone bad. We see stories of people broken in the aftermath - my 14 year old daughter is one of them.

There is just ONE specialist pediatric ED facillity in the whole of New Zealand at the Starship Hospital, Auckland with six beds for a population of three million there. This facility is ONLY available to Auckland children and they are overwhelmed..

Children are being left to fall so ill they become severely medically unstable before hospital admission.

To make changes we need GP training and facilities for much earlier intervention, particularly in the South Island.

The new Dunedin Hospital is a valuable opportunity to provide inpatient beds desperately needed for our children.

Please sign my petition to ask changes be made to the new hospital's plans to provide beds for treatment our children struggling ED, and their families who are also suffering.