Our children have the right to arrive at school safely too

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134 students, their families and community at Ebenezer Public School fear death and injury using the allocated, time limited temporary children’s crossing on Sackville Rd.
An urgent upgrade of the crossing to pedestrian lights or the placement of a permanent school crossing supervisor is needed to be enforced and implemented by the Hon Dominic Perrottet, Member for Hawkesbury, RMS, NSW Police and the NSW Department of Education, urgently.

The near incidents with heavy and ordinary vehicles daily is caused by them either being unaware they have to stop or speeding.

Daily, children as young as 5 are expected to have the perception to judge oncoming traffic, and children as young as 12 are expected to monitor and assist other minors when alighting from bus services. The majority of morning buses drop children on the opposite side of the road from the school. For this reason, many parents are not prepared to take the risk and don't use the available bus services. 

Ebenezer Public School has been rejected by the RMS for a school crossing supervisor as the school failed to meet the number requirements of unassisted children crossing the road in one hour. This count was taken after the first morning bus services had visited, and after the commencement of the school zone speed restrictions. The required amount of 300 vehicles per hour also fell frustratingly close. To meet this target, 36% of the entire school population would be expected to cross the road without and adult assisting, even on approach, a near impossible target. 

This requirement is in complete conflict with the formal advice from the NSW Government that all children under the age of 8 hold hands with an adult when approaching and using a crossing.

The decision to not provide safe access to the primary school is being dictated by a mathematical formula and not the obvious needed safety precautions. Every child deserves the right to be protected when entering their school grounds. Whether it’s 1 or 100 children. A school community of 80 or 800 should all have road protection.

Volunteers are also denied by the RMS to run crossing supervisor assistance but minors are fulfilling that role. Babies and non school age children crossing with parents, grandparents, disabled students who need assistance or students medically deemed incapable of risk decision making, are not considered in the count requirements and are encountering dangerous situations. Every child matters, but these are not part of the mathematical formula.

Sackville Rd has recorded data stating continual and excessive speeding through the zone. Police regularly patrol the zone but as they can't be there every day, it is not enough, drivers still speed, still fail to stop.

Ebenezer Public School is part of the small school system and does not have a parent parking lot or a “kiss and drop” zone. Parents must park on the side of the road and use the crossing when required.

The stakeholders need to implement the correct solution for the actual situation, not continue to deny it based on an arbitrary formula.
1 is the only number that should be considered.
1 teacher, 1 parent, 1 sibling, 1 student, 1 child, 1 death.

And a quote , for you our supporters, Dominic Perrottet and the RMS ,from the loving families of Ebenezer Public School-
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. it’s not- Dr Seuss “
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