Save Marty! (i.e. the Paul Martin Sr. Building)

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The Paul Martin building – or Marty, for short - is an oasis in the architectural desert of our uninspired downtown core. Few buildings in Windsor, let alone its drab and dreary downtown, can claim such an elegant and dignified façade. Yet just as you, Ms Finley, toppled Paul Martin himself in 2006, so too do you threaten to bring down our beloved Marty in 2014 (Fine, so the building was named after Paul Martin Sr. - like father like son!).

But not to fear. Together, we won't let it happen. Through the modest yet generous donation of our signatures, (yours included, Ms Finley, should you be so charitable) we will make it known that just as we stand together for Marty, so too must it stand for us!

My fellow Windsorites: let us not be too hard on our humble old city. Over the last several years, so much of it has been given new life: Via Italia's cunning causeway, the Dougal underpass's glorious greenery, Old Walkerville's Old Town Hall. Indeed, we have so much to be proud of.

But we must remember how much more there is to do, lest we lose our momentum. Preserving Marty is about more than clinging to a relic of a bygone era (though it is that as well, to be fair); it is about creating an attractive, bustling, and vibrant downtown core that not only lures investors, entrepreneurs, customers and tourists, but also swells our chests with pride as we relate how it is that this city became so great of late. It's about (re)building a city in which we want to live, not just a city in which we factually live.  It's about rebuilding Windsor.  Our Windsor.

Marty is perhaps the perfect metaphor for our city. Its simple but strong, elegant art-deco design perfectly embodies our community's humble strength, just as its stubborn tenacity to defy the neglectful indifference of its custodian perfectly symbolizes Windsor's emphatic refusal to succumb to neglect and decline.

Therefore, in conclusion, Minister Finley, do we, the undersigned, hereby pledge our support to Marty and thus beseech thee restore it, thereby helping us to continue to rebuild our beloved city. Our old, tenacious, humble, great city.

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