Let Sean Stay in Australia - the only home he knows.

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Still waiting, still split in two

We now have almost 58,000 signatures on this position but no closer to being reunited as a family. Covid-19 is still having a huge impact and we still remain in limbo. Today marks 448 days of our family being split in two. Sean and I in Ireland while Keith and Sarah are in our home in Australia. Still no decision, just heartache, lost opportunities and fear. We cannot understand how it can take so long. We are currently waiting on immigration to start the process of Sean’s visa application that was submitted back in May. Our lives remain on pause while we wait! In the mean time we are constantly applying for exemptions to fly into Australia as we were told that if we got the exemption we could attach it to Sean’s application and this would speed up the processing of his visa. However, unfortunately, all exemptions submitted so far have been rejected as they say we are a risk to the community even when on arrival we would have to pay for 14 day mandatory quarantine ��
We thank you all again for the continued support and well wishes❤️❤️

We need your help Minister David Coleman Member for Banks, and Member for Forrest Nola Marino MP.

Gillian Colgan
7 months ago