HonDavid Coleman:Please increase number visa(189,190,489)to international registered nurse

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Hon David Coleman MP: Please listen to our voice and support our international registered nurses to fill up your highest demand in Australia though increasing the number of skilled visas (189, 190 and 489) to be granted.


Dear Hon David Coleman,

I am a representative for the international registered nurses in Australia who graduated from all of universities in Australia and are studying the bachelor of nursing courses in all universities in Australia( including regional areas). Firstly, we appreciate that you have been supporting our international registered nurses to study, live and work in Australia for a long time. However, we are requesting you to increase the number of skilled visas (189,190 and 489) to be grant with these actions as soon as possible below.

1)    Skilled Independent Visa(subclass 189)-points tested stream:

please increase the number to be grant at least another 4000 as 65 points before 30/6/2019 and please reduce points to be granted as 65 points

2)    Skilled Nominated Visa(subclass190):

Please increase the number to be granted in each state with each state's requirements and importantly please increase the number for those who have studied at universities in  Queensland and delete previous of requirements at least 6 months full time work experience for studied and finished their courses in Queensland

3)Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 489):

Please increase the number in each state with each state’s requirements and please delete the previous of requirements at least of 6 months full time work experience for those have studied  at universities in Queensland

At the moment, please listen to our voice why we are requesting this support from you.

  1. First reason, the skilled visa from your goal is designed to improve the productive capacity of the economy and fill skill shortages in the labour market, including those in regional Australia. However, the registered nurse in the occupation ceiling has the highest demand,  but, our international registered nurses have been granted with those skills visa at the lowest filled up rate in the last three years( from 2016-2019).
  2.  we cannot believe why our highest demand has been granted a lower number than other low demand.   
  3.  the registered nurses in Australia has increased demand however the fill up rate for our registered nurses has reduced a lot in the last year.
  4.  to be registered in Australia as a registered nurse, we have contributed our time, money and tears in different communities during our study and living in Australia ( including regional areas), practically most of them have been living in Australia over 6 years.  Therefore, we know very well your culture, language, systems and working place style.
  5. the registered nurses are the largest shortage all over the world as you know. If you still do not support us strongly, many of them will migrant to other better countries in a few years ( for example, United State, Canada , Britain, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany and France so on).  In that case, you will lose highest skilled registered nurses, therefore you will make your highest workplace shortage worse in a variety of health care providers for your own residents.  
  6.  in the skills nominated visa(subclass190), our English requirements are much higher than other occupation English requirements. This is another reason why we have not been treated fairly with other occupation.
  7.  with the increasing demand for registered nurses, economic growth in Australia will became more worse and worse if you do not take the right action.  Because the health care’s damage will  lead the greater costs than other areas.

We are requesting to consider our request. We would appreciate that!

Kind Regards,

A Registered Nurse