Restore the independence of the State Records Office (WA)

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Records of government must be safeguarded by an independent body to ensure the integrity and reliability of public records - both digital and paper.  The creation of the State Records Office, as an independent agency working in partnership with the State Records Commission, was the product of recommendations of the Commission on Government, working from foundations laid by the WA Inc. Royal Commission.

In its report, the WA Inc. Royal Commission (Recommendation 20) said that a separate and independent archives authority should be established, acting under its own legislation; and  that the Commission on Government should inquire into the terms of the legislation. (WA Royal Commission, 1992: II 4.3.6)

In its second report, the Commission on Government (1995) explicitly rejected the idea that a separate and independent archives authority could exist within the context of its parent agency at the time (the Libraries Board of Western Australia).  It recommended that a separate Public Records Authority, under a Commissioner for Public Records reporting to Parliament, should be established. (Commission on Government, 1995:II 7.5.5) 

Support this petition to tell the WA Government that the State Records Office of WA  should have its independence restored.