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Make the word, "They," a singular pronoun. Introduce this pronoun as singular to all children in primary school and start making it acceptable in highschools, colleges and universities.

It is in the best interest of all dual gender identifying people, as well as gender neutral folks to have a pronoun that they can identify with that is made easy to understand and accept from an early level of schooling, in order to stop the confusion and discrimination that occurs when a person prefers the pronoun, "They," and are given the usual and confused understanding that the word, "They," can only be used as a plural pronoun.

This is not a big thing to ask of the education system, but it's a big deal to ignore, as it means you will be ignoring and disrespecting the gender identity of many.  They deserve a voice and not to become invisible.

The power structure of binary gender is harmful to those that do not fit into it.  The current grammar rules, should not become a form of structural assault on someone's gender identity.

We insist that you change the the curriculum in schools now.  The use of the pronoun, "They," needs to be able to be used as a singular pronoun now.


Here is further support for the use of the word, "They," as a singular pronoun.

Excerpt from the Oxford Dictionary:


2 [SINGULAR] Used to refer to a person of unspecified sex: ie: "...ask a friend if they could help."




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