Educate our teachers Now at Uni so they know how to identify and teach our Dyslexic kids

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My name is Jade Emily Wheeler I have been diagnosed with “Dyslexia" and reportedly one out of five children in Australia are affected by Dyslexia.  I am passionate about helping kids with dyslexia because I know first-hand the struggles, the feelings of isolation, bullying and frustration that we children feel every day through our school lives.

Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty which is neurological in origin.  It happens when individuals have a significant deficit in phonological/orthographic components of language making spelling reading and mathematics difficult.  There is no cure.

In Australia, there is little to no training for teachers at a university level that covers anything to do with Dyslexia even though it affects 20% of the population. This is a very big problem as research indicates that the key to the survival of dyslexic kids in school is early recognition, diagnosis, and implementation of phonics. Early childhood teachers have the greatest power to make the biggest change. Currently, the education system is not giving these children a "fair go". Dyslexics are known as out of the box thinkers and can make a significantly positive impact in our communities and business as demonstrated by Richard Branson, Albert Einstien, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jamie Oliver, Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg and many more. Just imagine if we could help our kids with Dyslexia reach their potential!

Children with dyslexia suffer from frustration and low-esteem and often drop out of school because the pressure is too much.

Please help me make a difference through the government and Education Departments that “Dyslexia” must be part of all “bachelor’s degrees in education at University.”  We need change, we need to help our children, we need to become the next generation of “Out of The Box Thinkers!”


Jade Wheeler