STOP the cuts to NDIS therapy funding!

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While the changes to the NDIS Price Guide recommended by the Independent Pricing Review were well-intentioned, they were based on incorrect assumptions. This has resulted in proposed fees that simply won't cover providers' costs, which will leave many people with disabilities without the therapy they need to achieve goals like getting a job and living independently.

Although therapy costs the government/taxpayers money, it also saves money in the long-term, because when people with disabilities have jobs, they pay tax, and when people with disabilities have better skills, they need less money spent on health care, supported living and equipment, and their parents and other carers can increase their hours as working taxpayers, too.

Most NDIS therapy providers are small, family-owned businesses. A lot of us are working mums. We have dedicated our lives to helping improve the quality of life of families affected by disability. We don't do it for the money, we do it because we care! But without enough money to cover our costs, we won't be able to pay our staff to keep providing therapy - it's as simple as that.

The NDIS Price Guide rates are already lower than market rates and it costs therapists more to provide services to people with disabilities than it does for injuries like simple ankle sprains and broken arms. People with disabilities deserve our help and support to live dignified lives and we desperately want to do this! But when costs like wages, rent and insurance keep going up, if the prices paid for therapy services go down, we'll just be plain desperate.

We urge the Minister for the DSS, the Hon Dan Tehan MP, and the CEO of the NDIA, Mr Robert De Luca, to consider the submissions of concerned industry bodies like the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Occupational Therapy Australia, as well as submissions from individual therapy providers to STOP the cuts to NDIS therapy fees!