Increase government funding for programs to help homeless people

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The government must increase funding to help homeless people lead a better life.

As the Minister for Social Services, you have a responsibility to help those in need.


Why is this a problem?

Homelessness is a national problem that has many negative impacts on our society as it destabilizes people’s lives. This is because being homeless causes an individual to feel isolated and depressed. Homeless people are also more likely to use drugs or alcohol to release the pressure of life. This results in homelessness placing a higher burden on public services like hospitals. This is also detrimental to our economy because it creates a lack of employees and requires services to help them.

Recently I have seen a staggering number of homeless people on the street, begging. These people don't have enough money and food, many have lost their job or are unemployed and in order to survive, they have to beg and wander, otherwise, they will starve. There is also a disproportionate number who are indigenous, or born overseas and require extra support services.

Nearly half of all homeless are under the age of 25 and they end up on the streets because of family issues and domestic abuse, leading them to drop out of school, thus having a detrimental impact on their lives. Therefore, to help the younger generation, something must be done to ensure they can live a better life.


How can we address the issue?

The best way is through increased funding to provide resources to help them. The government must allocate more funds in the budget to help programs that support homeless people. This extra funding will go to programs that will allow these people to improve their life.

This would help homeless people by giving them a chance to restart their life and giving them the skills to achieve a better life, instead of wandering all day.


What programs should be set up?

⁃Helping them to find a job

⁃Programs to enable younger people to go back to school

⁃Provision of university/ TAFE courses

⁃Family rehabilitation programs

⁃Mental health programs


The benefits of setting up these programs :

This will help homeless people find jobs or go back to school to finish their education which will allow them to support themselves and create a new life. It will also provide them with housing support as well as services for mental health.


If you care about public opinion, and if you want more votes, then you should help the homeless people, because this is what Australians want from you.

Please sign this petition to help these people who really need you!

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