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We Need Pesticide Free Food in NZ

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My children, your children and all others in New Zealand should be eating food that is safe. Food that will set them up for healthy growth and a healthy future. 

But that is not the case. On the 24th of May 2018 the Ministry for Primary Industries released their results from the New Zealand Total Diet Study. Some features of the report include:

- 8 pesticides detected in baby food, in 22% of 32 samples. (Children are much more vulnerable than adults, extremely low doses which may not have an immediate effect on adults can critically interfere with children's ongoing developmental processes. This may result in lifelong alterations in growth and development, organ formation, as well as disease occurrence). 

- Food with the greatest number of pesticides include raisins/sultanas (33 different types), grapes (23), strawberries (18), bran flake cereal (16), nectarines (11), and frozen mixed berries (10). In fact within ONE SAMPLE ONLY of grapes&raisins they found 26 different pesticides but we aren't allowed to know which brand. This is a major concern for me, If I knew which brand this toxic soup of pesticides was found in then I could protect my family from it. 

- Up to 100x less sensitive method was used for testing the presence of some pesticides. (why are MPI using less sensitive methods of testing?)

- Glyphosate, an active ingredient in weed sprays such as Roundup, probable carcinogen and reproductive toxin, is the most common herbicide in the world, but was not included in the study.

The report is a long complicated read but one thing can be certainly assured. FOOD IN NZ IS NOT SAFE. I am heartbroken as a māmā and a caring citizen that we can not be assured that we are accessing safe food, that in fact we are being directly exposed to developing cancer and other diseases as a result of it. 

We New Zealanders and our supporting whānau around the globe support the following actions:

1) Zero tolerance to pesticides in baby food
2) Implement a strategy to transition to organic production 
3) Implement a Pesticide reduction strategy
4) Urgent reassessment of glyphosate, and its inclusion in the TDS
5) Greater and more sensitive pesticide residue testing
6) More transparency with reporting and better communication with the public

Our people need access to pesticide free food. As a food producing nation we should be able to provide that. 

Time to step up and protect our families. Are you with me?

My sincere thanks to Safe Food Campaign & Soil and Health Association for their efforts in analyzing this information so that us parents can do right by our kids.

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